Rumours are already spreading about an enchanting new evening venue opening in Melbourne. Some say it is inspired by an ex Can-Can dancer from Le Moulin Rouge in Paris. Others say it will be an unprecedented fusion of food, fashion, art and music. Hospitality group Roar Projects is pleased to confirm all of the above, and announce that Ms Collins will Officially Open on March 27 at the former Silk Road space in the Melbourne CBD following The Podium Lounge Weekend ‘sneak preview’.

Ms Collins is set to enlighten the concept of a night venue, catering for savvy Melbourne night owls who thrive on the city’s sophisticated bar scene. Blackmilk Interiors (the team behind The Den at The Atlantic) is in charge of the venue design, which will be characterised by high tech materials, fluorescent colours and elaborate furnishings creating a balance of old and new within the classical heritage building. The space will evoke glamour and sexiness with bold and luminous material palettes, international musicians and bespoke, pop art from Juan Mcarb

A place for the more mature to play and the younger to join in, Ms Collins will also boast contemporary cuisine, serving elegant dishes to match the venue. Appealing to corporate clientele to fashion parties and the young at heart in pursuit of a setting within which they can release their very own spirit of fun and feel ‘forever young’.

The establishment has been inspired by the persona of Ms Collins, a Parisienne socialite from the 1960s. Her colourful story balances a life of sophistication and elegance next to a festive and flamboyant side. Each room of the historic Collins Street building will have its own identity and story relating back to Ms Collins’ double life and the private parties she used to throw in her 7th arrondissement home while her husband was away on business.


Ms Collins, Melbourne

425 Collins Street
Victoria, 3000

For Directions, Please Call: (61) 03 8614 2222