Mr & Mrs Rampling


Danny Rampling, iconic club DJ and former BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM Broadcaster, alongside his American wife Ilona Rampling, are the glamourous Celebrity DJ couple who bring their passion and expertise of music to dancefloors and Radio Stations, with a combined total of 30 years professional experience within the music entertainment industry.

Danny Rampling made his name being one of the top spearheaders of the Dance Music Rave scene in the UK in the late 80’s, starting in London one of the first seminal club nights, Shoom, and was the mastermind behind adopting the much loved Smiley Face logo to represent the movement, which has undisputedly become one of the most recognizable and synonymous emblems with dance music culture as we know it today.

Ilona Rampling is the darling of the super hip East London Club scene and major Festival circuit, often DJ-ing at high profile Private Events and Openings, proving to be just as appealing to major Corporate Brands.

Mr. and Mrs. Rampling are continuously touring Europe, USA, Asia, and the Middle East together, submitting Radio shows, alongside recording an album and remixing tracks in the studio in London, and have other exciting projects planned for announcement later this year.